Who Needs CPAP?

Who Needs CPAP?

CPAP Direct OnlineIf you have been diagnosed as suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, it is very likely that your doctor has recommended that you use a CPAP machine. You should use the machine daily in order to keep your airway open so that you can sleep without interruptions.

It is important to select a CPAP machine, mask and other accessories that will give you effective treatment while ensuring that you have the comfort that you need. Your doctor will normally recommend the settings that are to be used on your CPAP machine. You can therefore purchase the machine for CPAP Direct Online from the supplier recommended by your doctor.

What Does A CPAP Machine Look Like?

A CPAP machine is made up of a pump which draws in air from the room. The air inlet has a filter which gets rid of impurities. The air is then pressurized and transmitted to a tube which is connected to the pump. The tube then transmits the pressurized air to the mask which you wear over your nose or mouth. There are tubes which can be heated so that you can breathe in warm air through the mask.

It is a good idea to use heated tubes when using a humidifier. A humidifier is a tank which contains water and this water is heated to produce vapor. The vapor is added to the pressurized air so that you can breathe in moist air to avoid dryness of the throat and mouth. When moist air is transmitted through the tube, condensation takes place. A heated tube will therefore ensure that condensation does not take place within the tube.


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What Are CPAP Masks?


A CPAP mask receives pressurized air from the tube and you can then breathe in the air once you wear the mask. The mask also has an outlet for exhaled air which you breathe out when using a CPAP machine. You can choose a mask that covers your nose, your mouth or both. The type of mask that you choose should be dependent on several factors. Your doctor can recommend the right mask when you go through a sleep study.

Your sleeping habits such as whether you toss a lot and whether you breathe through your nose or mouth are important. If you sleep on your side, a nasal mask may work for you whereas a full face mask would work better if you normally sleep on your back. If you normally breathe through your nose, the nasal pillow would be ideal. On the other hand, a full face mask would be needed if you normally breathe through your nose and mouth. You can therefore purchase a suitable mask for CPAP direct from the supplier or even online.

Can CPAP Affect Vision?CPAP Direct Online

When using a CPAP machine, the type of mask that you use is what will determine whether or not your vision will be affected. Nasal pillows are known to give you unobstructed vision as well as most nasal masks. There are also newer versions of the full face mask that lie below your nose and above your mouth which can offer you good vision. You can perform an online search of such masks used for CPAP direct from your home.